Thursday, 22 November 2012

How to: Polka dot nails

I've been requested a couple of times to do some sort of nail art tutorials for nail art I've posted before, so today I'm going to explain to you how to just do an easy polka dot nail tutorial. Just to start of with and for mine own sake because I wasn't really sure how to set it out in the way of showing you. 

The picture above is pretty self explanatory and is super easy to follow. You just need the nail polishes of your choice and a dotting tool or you could use a bobby pin because it looks the same. I've used Models Own polishes in 'Beth's Blue' and 'Raspberry Crush' and my dotting tool is from ebay and they weren't expensive at all.

I'll let the picture show you how to do it instead of me rambling on for no reason and as its super easy to do.

Hope you enjoyed this post, I know its easy but I just wanted to show you how I do it.
Let me know if you want any other tutorials in the comments.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Pink on nude flower nails

So I know you all enjoy seeing my nails when I've done some nail art on them. I'm not sure why but I just fancied doing some nail art today and this is what they turned out like.  They can look very complicated to do but honestly they are not at all, you just need the patients and time to do them. I wasn't expecting mine to turn out as well as they have but I am very pleased with them, especially my right hand because I'm right handed I find it difficult to do both hands neatly. I guess it takes practise. There not very wintery but I guess you could do them in more winter colours. I just wanted to use pink since I thought the pink and nude would look lovely together.

If you have any questions about the colours I've used or anything else leave them in the comments and ill be sure to let you know.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Review: Natural collection blush - Pink cloud

If you've been reading my blog from the start you will know I've already reviewed the Natural collection blush in Peach Melba, Which you can read here. As most of you may know these blushers are very popular in the UK, especially the pink cloud one. This blushers has been talked about a lot in the 'blogging world' us girls seem to like this blush ALOT. After reading so many good posts on it I felt like I was missing out. I brought this months ago now and now I feel like its my turn to say what I think.

This blush is a lovely light pink shade and leaves a lovely natural look to your cheeks, it is build able though. The price of these blushers may put some people off but I think they are great for £1.99! In my peach melba post I mentioned that people have a problem with the pan falling out. I've still not had this problem which is great and proves they are all like that. This blush is actually my every day blush at the moment and I love using it, like I said it just makes my cheeks look lovely and natural.

Let me know what you think of natural collection blushers.

Friday, 2 November 2012

I'ts my birthday!!

YAY!Its my birthday and I'm finally 17. So glad to be turning 17 lefts just say being 16 wasn't the best year of my life, but hey this is meant to be a happy post. This post is actually going to be a scheduled post so it goes up today. Obviously because your reading it today.

I will post a birthday haul at some point in the next week or so since some of you have requested it. Today I'm just having a lovely day out with my family and going shopping. Oh and as one of my presents from my mummy I'm getting my 2nds in my ears done today. eeep nervous! Ill let you know how I got on with that in another post but anyway ill be updating on twitter all day, if I remember and also ill be posting a lot on instagram (Taaraax) so you should go follow me on them.