Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Pink on nude flower nails

So I know you all enjoy seeing my nails when I've done some nail art on them. I'm not sure why but I just fancied doing some nail art today and this is what they turned out like.  They can look very complicated to do but honestly they are not at all, you just need the patients and time to do them. I wasn't expecting mine to turn out as well as they have but I am very pleased with them, especially my right hand because I'm right handed I find it difficult to do both hands neatly. I guess it takes practise. There not very wintery but I guess you could do them in more winter colours. I just wanted to use pink since I thought the pink and nude would look lovely together.

If you have any questions about the colours I've used or anything else leave them in the comments and ill be sure to let you know.


Thank you for all your lovely comments , I read them all and appreciate that everyone has taken the time to read my blog! xx