Monday, 31 December 2012

Top 12 products of 2012..

So as 2012 is drawing to a close I thought this was a great one to share with you. I'm going to talk about my top 12 products of 2012. I have seen this post being done by a lot of bloggers recently and I love reading them so I'm going to do my own.

001- Soap & Glory Clean on me shower gel - I actually bought this product on a whim, didn't know much about it but it smelt gorgeous so I went for the full size straight away! Boy am I glad I did. I have spoken about this in previous favourite posts so I'm not going to ramble on but I will just quickly say, It lathers up really well and leaves your body feeling so smooth and the smell stays on your body though out the day!

002- Clean&Clear Deep action cream wash- I haven't been using this through out the whole year. Probably only a couple of months now but I switched to this as I didn't like my previous face wash. Again I actually hadn't herd much about this product but I knew Clean&Clear were a raved about brand so I just gave it ago. At the moment it is one of the best face washes I have used but I'm looking forward to trying different ones in 2013.

003- Soap&Glory Hand food- Some people say they don't like the smell of hand food but I personally love it! I love the fact it actually moisturises my hand too and doesn't just leave them feeling greasy.

004- Superdrug face masks - These are essentials for me. I use the quite a bit, I try to use one at least once a week and I feel they do wonders for my skin. I have also recommended these to people and they have come back saying they love them too!

005- MUA Undressed palette - Now I, like most bloggers started with the Heaven&earth palette from MUA but then they came out with this beauty! I actually haven't used the heaven&earth palette since. People say this is comparable to the Naked palette from Urban Decay but I don't own that so I cant say. I am happy with this though so I wont be rushing out to buying either of the Naked palettes any time soon.

006- Natural Collection blusher ( Pink Cloud) - This was actually recommended to me by quite a few bloggers and I'd like to say thanks to those people that did because this has to now be one of my most worn blushers this year.

007- Bourjois Healthy mix foundation - This product has been really hyped up in the 'blogging world' so it kind of made me want to try it. I herd it was great for dry skin too! I love the way this makes my skin look and the coverage is great! I couldn't see myself using  another foundation any time soon.

008- Miss sporty Dr Balm (honey moon) - I got this for free when i purchased something else from Miss sporty but I've used this a lot the last couple of months. It's the perfect lip colour if your too scared to wear a full on dark lip. It's really moisturising as well so that's always a plus.

009- Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara - I'm pretty sure you guys know how much I love this mascara so I'm not going to say much. If your interested you can see my full review here.

010- Natural Collection Waterguard mascara - Thought this year this has been one of my go to mascaras! I wasn't expecting much when I first bought it but I needed a new waterproof mascara as I always like to have one in my collection. This is actually waterproof but at the same time comes off really easily when you use and make up remover! Everything I look for in a waterproof mascara. It also leave my lashes looking great!

011- John Frieda Frizz-ease Serum - This is the one and only  hair product I've really loved this year. I started using it in the summer and have used it pretty much every time I've washed my hair since. When I don't use this I do notice that my hair looks a lot more frizzier.

012 - Models own nail polishes - Just models own nail polishes in general! They are so good and I get why every one loves them! I'm actually now building up quite a collection. They are now my go to brand for nail polish! They have such a great colour selection as well. I find for most colours you only need one coat and they dry really quickly and don't chip easily either.

So that is the 12 products that have stood out to me and I have loved through out 2012. Let me know what you think of these products and also if you've done this post yourself leave the link in the comments so I can have a read!

I'd also quickly like to say a huge thank you for all your support this year. I know I'm not one of the most successful bloggers and I'm not planning to be but if it wasn't for you guys that read my blog and suggest posts I wouldn't be doing this. Hope you all have a happy new year and continue to stick with me.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

What I got for Christmas 2012

Hey lovelies! I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas and had a great time with your family. I'm sorry I haven't posted a lot lately I've just been wanting to spend time with the family over Christmas and I hope you've had the chance to do that too. Now like all other blogger who have been sharing what they have received for Christmas, I am not in anyway trying to brag, I am very greatful for everything I got. I just wanted to share as I love knowing what other people get so i thought you guys would want to see too. Anyway if I don't post again before the new year then i wish you all a happy new year!


Great blogging opportunity?

I actually found out about this on a couple of other bloggers and actually thought it was too good to just ignore. The lovely people at Daxon are looking to reward some of Britain's finest fashion bloggers. They are a company that live for fashion and aim to find outfits for every occasion. They are part of Redcats, one of the top home shopping organisations  in the world! If you click here you will find out all the information and receive a £50 shopping voucher for Amazon.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

simple but easy festive nails

A simple and easy way to make your nails look festive. I think it looks really festive and its really easy to do! Just chose your base colour. I went for an icey blue because I wanted that winter wonderland effect. Then i just added two different glitters because I couldnt choose just one! So I used a fine silver glitter and then a silver glitter with big bits of blue and purple glitter in to make it look that bit more festive. You could always use a red  base and use a gold glitter so that they look more christmasy.  Let me know what you think and will you being try this instead of doing nail art?

Friday, 21 December 2012

Topshop Wishlist

I don't know about you guys but I often browse the Topshop website and every time I do I find something else I would love to own! Thought I'd share with you a few things that are on my topshop wishlist at the moment. I always find something I like on Topshop but never actually buy it. I've been wanting a pair of Chelsea boots for a while now and after Christmas will be a perfect time for these.

If I don't post again before Christmas I hope you all have a lovely day!


Monday, 3 December 2012

December bucket list

I've seen these posts on a lot of blogs and never done one myself. So now it's December I thought I'd do one and make it Christmas related.


Thursday, 22 November 2012

How to: Polka dot nails

I've been requested a couple of times to do some sort of nail art tutorials for nail art I've posted before, so today I'm going to explain to you how to just do an easy polka dot nail tutorial. Just to start of with and for mine own sake because I wasn't really sure how to set it out in the way of showing you. 

The picture above is pretty self explanatory and is super easy to follow. You just need the nail polishes of your choice and a dotting tool or you could use a bobby pin because it looks the same. I've used Models Own polishes in 'Beth's Blue' and 'Raspberry Crush' and my dotting tool is from ebay and they weren't expensive at all.

I'll let the picture show you how to do it instead of me rambling on for no reason and as its super easy to do.

Hope you enjoyed this post, I know its easy but I just wanted to show you how I do it.
Let me know if you want any other tutorials in the comments.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Pink on nude flower nails

So I know you all enjoy seeing my nails when I've done some nail art on them. I'm not sure why but I just fancied doing some nail art today and this is what they turned out like.  They can look very complicated to do but honestly they are not at all, you just need the patients and time to do them. I wasn't expecting mine to turn out as well as they have but I am very pleased with them, especially my right hand because I'm right handed I find it difficult to do both hands neatly. I guess it takes practise. There not very wintery but I guess you could do them in more winter colours. I just wanted to use pink since I thought the pink and nude would look lovely together.

If you have any questions about the colours I've used or anything else leave them in the comments and ill be sure to let you know.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Review: Natural collection blush - Pink cloud

If you've been reading my blog from the start you will know I've already reviewed the Natural collection blush in Peach Melba, Which you can read here. As most of you may know these blushers are very popular in the UK, especially the pink cloud one. This blushers has been talked about a lot in the 'blogging world' us girls seem to like this blush ALOT. After reading so many good posts on it I felt like I was missing out. I brought this months ago now and now I feel like its my turn to say what I think.

This blush is a lovely light pink shade and leaves a lovely natural look to your cheeks, it is build able though. The price of these blushers may put some people off but I think they are great for £1.99! In my peach melba post I mentioned that people have a problem with the pan falling out. I've still not had this problem which is great and proves they are all like that. This blush is actually my every day blush at the moment and I love using it, like I said it just makes my cheeks look lovely and natural.

Let me know what you think of natural collection blushers.

Friday, 2 November 2012

I'ts my birthday!!

YAY!Its my birthday and I'm finally 17. So glad to be turning 17 lefts just say being 16 wasn't the best year of my life, but hey this is meant to be a happy post. This post is actually going to be a scheduled post so it goes up today. Obviously because your reading it today.

I will post a birthday haul at some point in the next week or so since some of you have requested it. Today I'm just having a lovely day out with my family and going shopping. Oh and as one of my presents from my mummy I'm getting my 2nds in my ears done today. eeep nervous! Ill let you know how I got on with that in another post but anyway ill be updating on twitter all day, if I remember and also ill be posting a lot on instagram (Taaraax) so you should go follow me on them.


Friday, 19 October 2012

H&M inspired outfit

Not going to lie I love to just have a look on clothes websites all the time even though a cant afford to spend money. I was having a nose about the H&M website yesterday and  as you know I'm on a hunt for a dress. So when I was on the website I came across this lovely ivory lace detailed skater dress I immediately fell in love. They also do the dress in the same colour as the blazer above but I liked the ivory colour more. So when I saw this I decided I would put together an outfit with other items from the H&M website. I'm not sure if these items are all sold in store as well but I know they are on the website. Obviously. I just knew I had to put together an outfit with this dress, so that's what I did. I personally think this dress would look lovely paired with this gorgeous green blazer ( I've just looked on the website and this colour is now out of stock and they have been put down to £9.99) so that's annoying because they don't have the colour I wanted any more but I'm sure there are others about. I will link all the items below so you can check them out. Anyway then I would pair the outfit with some lovely black heels- any black heels but I only liked the look of this pair on the H&M website.


 Hope you guys enjoyed this post! Id just like to say a big thank you for all the lovely support my lovely followers are giving me it means so much, I know all blogger say this but I honestly mean it. I wouldn't enjoy writing posts as much as I do if I didn't have you guys supporting me.


Thursday, 18 October 2012

Nail of the day 006: Flowers

Hey girlie's!
I wasn't a bit hesitant to do this post today since it would mean two nail post in a row but then I thought you guys wouldn't really mind since my nail posts get a lot of positive comments. Yesterday after posting my nail art post I decided I wanted to do some nail art on my own nails. I was quite impressed with how they turned out. There don't really go with the autumn colours but oh well. So here's what they came out like..

Nail polishes used:
BarryM : Turquoise
Revlon: Peach pink
Revlon: Passion fruit

Hope you enjoyed this post!
If you want a tutorial please let me know.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Just some nail art 001

Okay so as you might know I love painting my nails all the time, what you might not have known is that I love doing nail art in my spare time which I have quite a lot of since I made a stupid mistake and didn't apply for college for various personal reasons but lets not get in to that on here. After my cupcake nail post got a lot of great and positive comments! I  thought now was a great time to show you some of the other nail art I've done.

Now  I know I'm not the best at nail art but if you want any tutorial posts on how to do any of these then please just let me know I will be more than happy do them for you. I'm sorry these pictures aren't the best quality but its the best I can do at the moment.

Really hope you enjoyed this post let me know what you think and if you want tutorials.

Monday, 15 October 2012


I honestly don't own any dresses except like one or two from like two years ago. I wouldn't say I'm really the dress kind of girl so these are a bit out of my comfort zone. I really think I need to start wearing them more and then maybe I'll start to feel more comfortable about wearing them. Like all girls I don't really like my body but I just need to get over that step and then ill feel better when wearing dresses. Anyway on to what the post is really about - I've been looking online recently and fell in love with some dresses. I'm actually trying to find a dress for my boy friends birthday at the end of November. (ages away yet I know but I'm just trying to find the right one) Here are some dresses I've either fallen in love with or taken a like for I guess you could say.

001 - This dress really isn't something I would normally go for but I just love the way it looks online, I'm yet to try it on so who knows whether I will like it or not after I've tried it. I think this dress looks kind of dressy? but I think it will look lovely with a pair of black tights and either some flats or heels. I love the lacey part of this dress I just think it make the dress look that little bit more interesting I guess. I also love the fact it covers your arms, that will just make me feel that little bit more comfortable - Not that I really hate my arms. To top of this wonderful dress the price is even better its only £7.99! from H&M which I think is brilliant so I'm all up for buying this dress if I like it as much once I've tried it on.

002 - This dress is the Lattice waist  flippy dress from topshop. Its £38.00  and its kind of a skater style dress. As soon as I saw this on the website I fell in love. Other than the cut out in the waist it is everything I look for when I'm looking at dresses. I love the skater style as you will soon notice , I think it looks cute. The sleeves on this dress just makes it look that bit more cute. I am really thinking about buying this one it just looks gorgeous.

003- I saw this dress on newlook and its another one of those dresses that I just fell in love with immediately. The top part of the dress actually has lace detailing on it which I personally think looks gorgeous. The skirt on this dress made me want it even more, not only is it chiffon material but I'm loving the Burgundy colour at the moment I just think its the perfect dress for autumn/winter time. Again I think this dress would look perfect with some black tights and some heels, I even think this dress will be perfect for Christmas and new years. This dress prices at £27.99 which is great as it is such a beautiful and detailed dress.

004- Finally this is another dress from top shop and again its that gorgeous burgundy colour. I wouldn't say this is a dressy dress but its perfect for everyday and would look so cute with some ankle boots and frilly socks and maybe a blazer over the top. This is actually my least favourite out of the four but I still like it. You can actually get this in grey as well. The price of this dress is £26 which I think is a bit much for what it actually is. Its just a basic t-shit dress I guess which you will probably find cheap ones somewhere else - Please let me know if you've seen any cheaper ones in other shops, Id be really grateful.

Here are the links to all the dresses mentioned:
001 H&M dress
002 topshop lattice waist flippy dress
003 newlook 2 in 1 skater dress
004 topshop speckle roll sleeve mini dress

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.
 what is your favourite out of the four?

Friday, 12 October 2012

Nail of the day 005 :Cupcakes

I've been dying write this post all day but I've only just got round to doing it. Lets just say today hasn't been the greatest but I'm not going to say on here because its personal. Anyway today I went a bit well a lot more adventurous with my nail varnish. I decided I'd do some nail art on them and chose to do a cupcake on one of my nails. I would be more than happy to try and do a tutorial post on how to do this but I feel there's more than plenty about   - but let me know and ill do it if you guys want me too.

Once again it's another short post from me. I hope you don't mind! I'll have more interesting posts soon hopefully.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Birthday wishlist

So its my birthday in 23 days. Yes I'm counting down already! I thought i would just  do a post of some of the things i am hoping to get.

001. Body shop Vanilla body mist - I went in to the body shop yesterday and smelt this as everyone raves about it! I now understand why its gorgeous. Its not too expensive either , i think its something like £7 which is a great price for the amount you get.

002. Stila written in the stars eye shadow palette- I like most girls love neutral colours on my eyes , they are suitable for everyday. When I first saw this palette i fell in love its perfect for my everyday neutral eyes! This palette is around the £15 -£17 mark.

003. Models own Indian Ocean  nail polish - This nail polish has been raved about a lot and I'm in love with it without even trying it. Every time i go in to boots i go and pick this up and stand there thinking should i buy it but i haven't yet! Its a gorgeous blue/purple colour and I've herd so many good things about it. Its only £5 which i don't think its too bad for a good nail polish.

004. Diesel Loverdose perfume  - I first smelt this perfume when my friend had it at school and i always asked to use it. It smells devinne. I've been wanting it ever since then. This perfume is around £30 which is great for an amazing perfume.

005. Models own Ibiza mix nail polish - I've also been lustering over this nail polish for a while. I've seen loads of people with this over the top of their nail polish and it just looks gorgeous. I cant wait to get this myself. Again this is only £5 which is great.

005. The perks of being a wallflower book - I've actually already read this! I like most other people that have read this fell in love with it. I loved it so much that i want my own copy of it. Its an amazing book and i cant wait to read it again. If you haven't read this yet you should go pick up a copy and read it now! You can get this book for about £6-£8.

There are some of the things i have asked for for my birthday! I am not expecting it all and i will be very happy with what ever my family and friends get me.
If you would like a birthday haul after my birthday obviously. Just let me know in the comments.
What do you think of these products? Have you tried any of them?

Monday, 8 October 2012

Review: Benefit BadGal mascara

 Today I'm going to be doing a review on the Benefit Badgal mascara. I like most bloggers got this free with the Glamour magazine in July ,after spending a while choosing which free product I wanted - I'm so glad I chose this. I have fallen it love with it , which I guess is a good and a bad thing because I may have found my holy grail mascara but the price for the full size is a bit expensive. I think its something like £16.

Most reviews I have read on this product have been mainly negative and people haven't liked this but I am very happy to say that I obviously love this mascara!
First of all I love the packaging of this mascara it looks so sleek. The wand in this mascara is quite big as you can see but that's the type of wand I like , so I suggest if you don't like that stay away from this mascara. I find this mascara gives my lashes lots of volume and makes them look incredible. The best thing about this mascara is that it looks so natural and leaves your lashes looking curled all day and also it doesn't flake off like some mascaras do.
I really do think I'm going to have to just pay out the £16 for this mascara or find a new favourite. I will let you know if i find a new one or buy this one.

Have you tried this mascara? What did you think of it?
Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if want more review on products I've tried.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Tag: This or that?

Hey guys!
I've never actually done a tag on my blog before but I came across this one on natalielovesbeauty 's blog and you can see her post here.

Blush or bronzer? 
Well definitely blush, if you know me you will know i love my blush. I don't tend to wear bronzer as I find I'm actually too pale for it. Which is a shame.

Lipgloss or lipstick?
Lipstick! I don't really get on very well with lipgloss because they are usually too sticky and I don't like my lips really glossy, I do love the BarryM lipglosses though!

Chapstick or lip butter?
Honestly it has to be chapstick I'm obsessed with them. A bit sad I know but you always need them so you can never really have too many! I've never actually tried a lip butter before but would love to so leave recommendations below please.

Matte or shimmery eye shadow?
I'm stuck in the middle here because I love both but not too shimmery but I guess if I had to choose between them it would be matte. I just love the look it gives.

Gel, Liquid, Cream or pencil eyeliner? 
Well I actually only wear eyeliner on my waterline so it's going to have to be pencil.

Foundation or concealer? 
Concealer! That was a tough one but I can live without foundation.

Liquid or powder foundation? 
Liquid just because of the range of coverage it gives. I don't really like using powders if I'm honest.

Neutral or statement eye?
Neutral obviously! Who doesn't love neutral eye shadow.

Pressed or loose shadows?
Pressed , I hate using loose shadows there just way too messy for me.

Waterproof or non waterproof?
Non waterproof. Its so much easier to take off.

Brushes, sponges or fingers? 
Honestly brushes. Its so much easier to apply everything with brushes. Id love to know what i did without them!

Powder, Cream or liquid highlighter? 
Powder! They give a lovely look to your face. I didn't get on well with the liquid highlighter I own.

That's it, I tag you all to do it!
Hope you enjoyed reading this.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Review: Natural Collection Blush - Peach Melba

natural collection blush -Peach melba 

So just another quick review. Well hopefully quick anyway. 
The natural collection blushers are talked about a lot in the blogisphere especially pink cloud which i myself haven't yet tried but im hoping to pick it up soon. But yeah this is another natural collection blush that i don't think is raved about enough. It is a lovely everyday peach shade which is suitable for all year round. I apply this using the e.l.f stipple brush which you can buy here. I find that using this brush gives a natural finish to the look. The natural collection blushers are only available in Boots and it is one of there own brands. The blushers only cost £1.99 so they are really worth picking up and trying even if you don't like them. Some reviews have said that the pan has fallen out before they even open the blush but i haven't had this problem.

Do you own any natural collection blushers ? 
What ones do you own ? 


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Pastel Nail Trend

L-R; Barry M -Pure turquoise|Revlon-Peach petal|Miss Sporty- 35(no name)|e.l.f- Lilac|NYC-Mint macaroon

As most people probably know pastel colours are really in this year. I have always been a fan of pastel colour especially when it comes to nail varnish. I am known to pretty much always have my nails painted. When i go to paint my nails in the spring/summer time these are the colours i tend to go for about 90% of the time. Everyone of these nail polishes are available in the UK and in either Boots or Superdrug apart from e.l.f Lilac which is available at eyeslipsface and even better they are all under the £5 price mark!! These nail varnishes are quite opaque for the price as well and you only need two coats. The swatches above are only one coat which isnt too bad considering the price and how light the colours are. so if you are looking for some lovely and affordable pastel nail varnishes then i would really recommend trying out these.

What are your favourite nail varnishes for the spring/summer time ?