Saturday, 22 December 2012

simple but easy festive nails

A simple and easy way to make your nails look festive. I think it looks really festive and its really easy to do! Just chose your base colour. I went for an icey blue because I wanted that winter wonderland effect. Then i just added two different glitters because I couldnt choose just one! So I used a fine silver glitter and then a silver glitter with big bits of blue and purple glitter in to make it look that bit more festive. You could always use a red  base and use a gold glitter so that they look more christmasy.  Let me know what you think and will you being try this instead of doing nail art?


  1. Love your nails they are so adorable! I am absolutely addicted to glitter nail polish so this look is right up my alley! Now following your lovely blog xo

    1. aw thankyou! Same I love glitter too, especially at the time of year. Thankyou for following lovely xx

  2. these colours together are lovely x

  3. That colour is absolutely awesome!


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