Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Fashion Love 001

Your probably all thinking, 'Tara you don't like wearing skirts?'. I know I've said in previous posts I hardly wear them but the past few weeks I've been living in them. Since the weather has gotten warmer - fingers crossed it stays like this, I have been wearing skirts a lot! Well skater skirts. I actually love them, There a go to fashion item for me at the moment! I also own a few dresses in the same style, I plan on getting more. Now they ones I've show are both from topshop, the ones I actually have are both from Primark. Obviously its me! There so much cheaper in Primark and still great quailty! I love wearing these with T-shirt and white frilly socks and my converse. It looks so casual but also really girly and cute! You could also wear them with a nice sheer blouse and some heels, That would also look cute but a bit more dressy!

Also I'd quickly like to mention I'm now making YouTube videos so If you could check it out and subscribe and comment and other fun stuff then I'd really appreciate it.



  1. I actually have enough skater skirts for every day of the week plus two haha, I am obsessed with them! Can't wait to wear my denim one with converse like you said :) x

    1. I love them! there so comfy. The denim ones look so cute with converse xx

  2. I have this black one! Skater skirts are a go to item for me too.

  3. I love skater skirts, I have a grey topshop one (very similar to the picture) might need to go to primark though for more!!



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