Monday, 15 October 2012


I honestly don't own any dresses except like one or two from like two years ago. I wouldn't say I'm really the dress kind of girl so these are a bit out of my comfort zone. I really think I need to start wearing them more and then maybe I'll start to feel more comfortable about wearing them. Like all girls I don't really like my body but I just need to get over that step and then ill feel better when wearing dresses. Anyway on to what the post is really about - I've been looking online recently and fell in love with some dresses. I'm actually trying to find a dress for my boy friends birthday at the end of November. (ages away yet I know but I'm just trying to find the right one) Here are some dresses I've either fallen in love with or taken a like for I guess you could say.

001 - This dress really isn't something I would normally go for but I just love the way it looks online, I'm yet to try it on so who knows whether I will like it or not after I've tried it. I think this dress looks kind of dressy? but I think it will look lovely with a pair of black tights and either some flats or heels. I love the lacey part of this dress I just think it make the dress look that little bit more interesting I guess. I also love the fact it covers your arms, that will just make me feel that little bit more comfortable - Not that I really hate my arms. To top of this wonderful dress the price is even better its only £7.99! from H&M which I think is brilliant so I'm all up for buying this dress if I like it as much once I've tried it on.

002 - This dress is the Lattice waist  flippy dress from topshop. Its £38.00  and its kind of a skater style dress. As soon as I saw this on the website I fell in love. Other than the cut out in the waist it is everything I look for when I'm looking at dresses. I love the skater style as you will soon notice , I think it looks cute. The sleeves on this dress just makes it look that bit more cute. I am really thinking about buying this one it just looks gorgeous.

003- I saw this dress on newlook and its another one of those dresses that I just fell in love with immediately. The top part of the dress actually has lace detailing on it which I personally think looks gorgeous. The skirt on this dress made me want it even more, not only is it chiffon material but I'm loving the Burgundy colour at the moment I just think its the perfect dress for autumn/winter time. Again I think this dress would look perfect with some black tights and some heels, I even think this dress will be perfect for Christmas and new years. This dress prices at £27.99 which is great as it is such a beautiful and detailed dress.

004- Finally this is another dress from top shop and again its that gorgeous burgundy colour. I wouldn't say this is a dressy dress but its perfect for everyday and would look so cute with some ankle boots and frilly socks and maybe a blazer over the top. This is actually my least favourite out of the four but I still like it. You can actually get this in grey as well. The price of this dress is £26 which I think is a bit much for what it actually is. Its just a basic t-shit dress I guess which you will probably find cheap ones somewhere else - Please let me know if you've seen any cheaper ones in other shops, Id be really grateful.

Here are the links to all the dresses mentioned:
001 H&M dress
002 topshop lattice waist flippy dress
003 newlook 2 in 1 skater dress
004 topshop speckle roll sleeve mini dress

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.
 what is your favourite out of the four?


  1. either 001 or 002 would look best on you tbh :P my fav is 001 but 002 is a close 2nd fav but if you choose either of them then which ever one you choose im sure it will look absoloutly beautiful on you xxxx

    1. aw :P i really like 2 and 3 but i saw the 1 in h&m today and i kinda like it abit more now :P xx

  2. aww well burgundy isn't really the sort of colour i like but 1 and 2 would look absoloutly beautiful on you xxx

    1. i like burgundy though haha :P and aw thankyou :') xx

  3. I love 003 dress :) colours is very in this season and is a dress I would defo wear.
    I'm new to blogging follow me back please?:)

    1. yeah i love the first 3 :P and sure ill follow back :) xx

  4. I have that red speckle dress in green, if you're tempted to get it you really should! So easy to wear, I love it :) There might be cheaper versions in Primark or on ebay though! xx


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