Friday, 5 October 2012

Tag: This or that?

Hey guys!
I've never actually done a tag on my blog before but I came across this one on natalielovesbeauty 's blog and you can see her post here.

Blush or bronzer? 
Well definitely blush, if you know me you will know i love my blush. I don't tend to wear bronzer as I find I'm actually too pale for it. Which is a shame.

Lipgloss or lipstick?
Lipstick! I don't really get on very well with lipgloss because they are usually too sticky and I don't like my lips really glossy, I do love the BarryM lipglosses though!

Chapstick or lip butter?
Honestly it has to be chapstick I'm obsessed with them. A bit sad I know but you always need them so you can never really have too many! I've never actually tried a lip butter before but would love to so leave recommendations below please.

Matte or shimmery eye shadow?
I'm stuck in the middle here because I love both but not too shimmery but I guess if I had to choose between them it would be matte. I just love the look it gives.

Gel, Liquid, Cream or pencil eyeliner? 
Well I actually only wear eyeliner on my waterline so it's going to have to be pencil.

Foundation or concealer? 
Concealer! That was a tough one but I can live without foundation.

Liquid or powder foundation? 
Liquid just because of the range of coverage it gives. I don't really like using powders if I'm honest.

Neutral or statement eye?
Neutral obviously! Who doesn't love neutral eye shadow.

Pressed or loose shadows?
Pressed , I hate using loose shadows there just way too messy for me.

Waterproof or non waterproof?
Non waterproof. Its so much easier to take off.

Brushes, sponges or fingers? 
Honestly brushes. Its so much easier to apply everything with brushes. Id love to know what i did without them!

Powder, Cream or liquid highlighter? 
Powder! They give a lovely look to your face. I didn't get on well with the liquid highlighter I own.

That's it, I tag you all to do it!
Hope you enjoyed reading this.


  1. I really want to do this tag now -oa

  2. I've just done this tag! Scheduled it for tomorrow hehe ^^ I love some tag posts, they're great.



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