Wednesday, 16 October 2013

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Top; Primark mens | Skirt; Primark | Cardigan; F&F Tesco | Tights; Primark | Boots; F&F Tesco | Necklace; Primark

                                                                                                                                                             I'm actually in love with this new skirt I brought at the weekend! Just struggling to find ways to wear it where it doesnt look too dressy! Since it actually managed to stop raining today (stupid British weather) I thought I'd take advantage of it a shoot a few pictures of my outfit. I know the picture quality Isn't great but that's the only quality I have until my birthday, Hopefully. Bring on the 2nd of november!!  I plan on doing a lot more fashion post in the future, I really enjoy reading them and I'm really in to fashion at the minute. Also let me know what you lovely girls (and the odd boy) would like to see on my blog in the upcoming months!

 Tara xo


  1. Such a fab little skirt!! you can get away with dressing it up or down!! Good old Primark!!

  2. Such a pretty skirt!

  3. Love your pretty skirt, its very cute

  4. I absolutely love your skirt!


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